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Not returning to work - Repaying CMP

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Mothernaturesgreatest Fri 31-May-19 12:55:35

I'm due to return to work after 52 weeks maternity leave. I received CMP and in the maternity policy it states that if I do not return for a period of 3 months, the additional CMP is to be paid back.

I was wondering if anyone has experienced a situation where they have negotiated a reduction or exception on the amount to be paid back?

Me and my son suffered a birth trauma, he has a hypoxic brain injury and at the moment we are unsure as to how this will effect him. I'm on the waiting list for CBT as I have been diagnosed with PTSD.

I've tried to negotiate a 3 day a week agreement with some WFH days, but they have declined and said it would need to be 4 days in the London office. I'm struggling with the thought of going back to work anyway, let alone for 4 days a week into London (I'm in Bedfordshire).

The whole situation is causing me a lot of stress and I'd rather not go back and find something else much closer to home. The only thing holding me back is the cost... I will find it difficult to pay them the full amount.

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar, or if there are there any guidelines or laws that offer protection in theses circumstances.

Any advise would be hugely appreciated.

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dementedpixie Fri 31-May-19 15:02:26

Could you say you're going back and then get signed off sick for the 3 months required to not have to pay it back?

Mummyshark2018 Fri 31-May-19 15:05:03

Can they make you pay it back as you have showed willing to return part time and they haven't accommodated it?

TBDO Fri 31-May-19 15:08:31

Have you worked out how long you’d actually have to be in work for if you returned and used annual leave - you will have accrued some whilst on leave and there will be the 1/4 of your allowance for the 3 months you are back?

Can you get someone to help you out with DS whilst you go back for that short period? His dad can take time off too (annual leave) or even shared paternity leave to cover the time you have to be back at work.

LIZS Fri 31-May-19 15:10:20

You will have accrued at least 4 weeks of paid leave which may go towards the repayable amount.

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