Return to work after long term illness

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LeukaeLucky Mon 27-May-19 20:15:23

Posted on the staffroom but no response yet
Sept 2017 I started a new job with T&L responsibilities. On paper, all perfect, 4 days a week, walking distance and dream role except that my role has never be clearly defined nor timetabled so I ended up just teaching / frustrated.
Anyway in January 2018 I was diagnosed with cancer. I'm better now but not sure if ready to go back to work physically just yet. I just got 2 serious episodes of health issues and feel still quite weak.
I've also lost my hearing on one side and started wearing an aid but can't feel a difference.
So my question is what could I expect in terms of adjustments and return to work. I'd like to ideally to be less in the classroom and have smaller groups due to partial deafness but not sure how it could work.
Any advice would be much appreciated

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