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How do I calm myself down before an interview?

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Lillycake Sun 26-May-19 12:02:23

When I'm having a general conversation with no pressure to speak or answer a question, I'm fine. I actually enjoy a good debate. When it comes to interviews, I freeze! I am so nervous, my memory goes blank and I can never seem to get a flow of conversation.

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EmeraldShamrock Sun 26-May-19 14:51:28

Go armed with knowledge, read lots of typical interview questions online, practice them out loud.
It really helps to deep breath, hold your hands a certain way, so they don't get clamy, it helps focusing on hands keeping fingers apart, it takes your mind off the nerves.
Be prepared and breath deep, you'll be fine.

QueenEnid Wed 05-Jun-19 08:49:39

Following as I'm exactly the same. I absolutely hate interviews and always stutter my way through them. People who know me think that's ridiculous and i should have no issue but it's a real mental block!

The thing that's helped me is practise. The more I go to the better I am. The first one was beyond appalling but in hindsight wouldn't have been good for me anyway so I took the experience from it

MrsXyzAbc Thu 13-Jun-19 14:11:57

Other than being really well prepared, and having done my research etc....
I always remind myself that:
They are just people
It's just a conversation
They are not trying to catch me out
I have the experience, and this is really just about getting a feel for the type of person I am...
In my 20 years of working I've interviewed for a total of 7 jobs, and got 6 of them. The 7th I didn't have the correct experience.

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