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So everthing is sorted - now I just have to turn up!

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callmeovercautious Fri 20-Jul-07 19:55:44

It all became real today - I Booked her into Nursery and work confirmed they received my new terms and conditions to go Part time. Now I just have to worry for 2 months before I go back!
Some positive going back to work stories would be lovely!

RubySlippers Fri 20-Jul-07 20:06:07

don't worry for the next two months
you have sorted nursery, you have got your T & Cs sorted
so enjoy the rest of your mat leave
I went back to work fulltime when DS was 6 months old (he is now 13.5 months).
He loves nursery - has totally thrived, and so have I. I have a lump in my throat everytime he paints me a picture and brings it home

ChorusLine Fri 20-Jul-07 20:16:18

I felt better once things were agreed as had the horrible not knowing feeling. Please don't worry and enjoy the rest of your time off!

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