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Am I too old to start a career in childcare?

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Nuckyscarnation Sun 19-May-19 22:01:42

Currently not working due to relocation. My main prior work experience is as a housing officer/community outreach worker.

I have nine month old twins and will be looking to go back to work once they are a year old. I had zero direct experience of babies/children before having them and I’ve discovered how much I love being around children and how fascinating I find child development etc.

I would love to retrain for a career in the childcare sector but I’m unsure where to start or even if I’m too old at forty? Has anyone out there had a similar career change slightly later in life? Would love to hear from you if sosmile

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Joopy Mon 20-May-19 00:23:58

I assume you're not that old if you have just had twins! I think you are not too old to train, you will need support for when you have to study, do you have people who will look after them?
I know lots of young people studying childcare but I would much rather have a mum or someone older to look after them.

Nuckyscarnation Thu 30-May-19 15:33:16

I’m 40 @joopy definitely no spring chicken!

My parents would help with childcare. I also really need to go back to work part at some point too soon. We are currently struggling to survive on just DHs wage.

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