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NHS Admin Job Application HELP!!!!

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star271 Sat 18-May-19 16:58:03

I had my son back in January and am now trying to get back into applying for work. My previous job was working in retail(working both on the shop floor and admin office) and TBH the hrs and shifts were just too unrealistic and the management would change rotas around without informing anyone. Whereas before I would ignore them but now I have other responsibilities I can't put up with that management style.

I have applied for various NHS Admin vacancies in my local area but don't make it past the first stage. No feedback is given so I'm not sure if I should change my personal statement.

Any help and tips from those who work in recruitment or anyone who has been successful in getting a job in Admin would be much

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McDougal Sat 18-May-19 17:13:53

With NHS roles, you'll be offered an interview as long as you meet the essential criteria but try to demonstrate that you also meet the desirable criteria if you can.

I'd also suggest tailoring your personal statement to the role you're applying for rather than reusing one from a previous application as it's usually quite obvious if someone has done this.

Good luck!

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