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not all of us want to return to what we did - people can change!

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returntoworkmum Wed 15-May-19 16:17:15

Do you think employers are great at helping people transfer skills into new jobs? I know lots of mums and dads keen to transfer into something new (we don't all want to return to jobs we didn't like!!). The problem for employers is there is NO research on what factors most help support changers. This is a survey I'm doing voluntarily for the NHS. I'm a chartered psychologist and will do a follow up in 2-3 years (there is a big difference between what you say and what you'll actually do). Would you mind helping me to help companies get better at this by please sharing as far and wide as you can the following link? It's designed for anyone who'd like to explore doing something new:
- All data is GDPR compliant and stored secure in the UK. There will be no marketing of any kind. This will contribute to the academic research world so isn't a 2 min, but a 5-10 minute survey. Please share - as a mum at my own kitchen table doing this voluntarily, every little helps!!

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