I'm 14w pregnant but want to return to work. Please advise!

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LittleAndOften Tue 14-May-19 18:28:54

Please advise me!

I've been a SAHM for 3.5 years to DS. This decision was partly made as work wouldn't allow me to go part-time in my management role, and was almost an hour's commute away. Plus with the high costs of childcare, we felt it was the best decision for our family.

However I have really struggled being at home. I do not miss my previous career as a specialist teacher, particularly as it was a high-stress environment, however I miss having colleagues, I miss the routine of work, I miss using my brain and I feel I am someone who needs external motivation not to go adrift. I'd be lying if I said being at home this long hasn't negatively affected my mental health.

Financially, being on one salary for this long has taken its toll. I have made several attempts at self-employment without much success, partly due to me not being able to devote proper time to it, partly due to a lack of self-discipline. However DS has his 15 hours a week free childcare now and I'd like to do something constructive.

I've just come across a job within the education sector, but not teaching, that sounds perfect for me. It's 37 hours a week term time only. I'd love to apply, however I'm 14w pregnant!

In order for this to work, I would need to organise full time childcare for DS and also go on maternity leave in November. I'd love this opportunity, but I'm not sure if there's any point in me applying.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated! I can't see there's much point in applying if I'm honest, as the employer won't want a pregnant new employee will they...

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