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Tips for working long days

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Livedandlearned Sun 05-May-19 11:44:04

Just got a job as a nursing assistant/hcsw and the hours are 37.5 over three days. Haven't worked long hours since I was a lot younger.

Has anyone got any tips wrt to keeping my energy levels up? Also anyone with experience in this role or similar have any advice?

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NuffSaidSam Sun 05-May-19 17:08:59

Eat well. Try and get enough sleep. Keep hydrated.

I think your body will take a bit of time to adjust but will get used to it again.

Lillycake Sun 05-May-19 18:49:05

Completely write those days off - dedicate to your working day then enjoy your 4 days off! Organise yourself - 3 packed meals and take your break!

Livedandlearned Sun 05-May-19 21:56:25

Ok, i can do this!! Thank you!

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bellalou1234 Sun 05-May-19 22:06:24

Bananas are good for mid morning slumps. Take your breaks away from the ward if poss to a quiet place. And deffo do enjoy your days off. Im on day foutlr tomorrow and its a 13 hour day, leave the house at 6.40 in after 21. Love and enjoy my days off.

bellalou1234 Sun 05-May-19 22:07:26

In after 9 that should say. Youll get used to it quick.

Arnoldthecat Sun 05-May-19 22:11:59

But surely that is illegal. The WTR allows 11 hours minimum rest period between shifts.

Livedandlearned Wed 08-May-19 12:15:45

Thanks everyone, advice noted smile

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Charlequin Wed 08-May-19 12:53:45

There are 11 hours between each shift...

Good luck OP. I did this job in different settings for a number of years before having DC.

Drink plenty of water throughout your day, invest in decent footwear and look after your back. Being on my feet all day kills my back so I try and be mindful if it.

Always eat; packing your meals the night before is a good idea and yes DO take your breaks.

Agree that your days off you should really try to enjoy and I would always use my first day off after a three or four day stretch as my "chill day".

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