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What can I do with a mental health (not general) nursing degree??

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Lillycake Sat 04-May-19 09:42:51

Recently qualified as a mental health nurse. Long story short - I hated my training and it had a massive impact on my own mental health. I have recently started a post on a forensic ward and I jave made a HUGE mistake. Pressures to earn money forced me into accepting the position as I am a single parent with a mortgage to pay.
I'm thinking something away from nursing altogether?

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BlitzenandMikey Mon 06-May-19 16:35:01

Health care assistant within a hospital?
Support worker in a recovery unit or children’s home?

There must be many opportunities open to you with a Nursing degree. It will be just a case of looking and applying I guess. Could you do some bank work to keep the cash coming in?

From reading your other post, your new position is a fair distance away? Maybe something closer to home works work?

Have a look at the careers website and see wha other options there are with a MM nursing degree. Or talk to a careers advisor?

What would you LIKE to do?

PintOfBovril Mon 06-May-19 16:42:36

RGN here. Some suggestions for you (some will need a little extra training)
- Health visitor - you can be an RMN for this. One year BSc route.
- Occupational Health Nurse - can start without extra training, there is a a specialist route to go later on to progress past band 5
- Nurse benefits assessor - they will welcome someone with MH training
I think it’d be a shame to go to HCAing after all that work to get your qualification.

Lillycake Mon 13-May-19 11:24:08

Thankyou both. I don't want to be a support worker again after training for a band 5. I actually want to get away from mental health nursing. A job opportunity has come up which doesn't require being on the register. It's a mentor in universities for people struggling with their work loads. It would start slow however build gradually. It's something I would enjoy but on a self employed basis. Like I said it takes me away from the nmc register in which makes me worry that I have worked so hard to achieve the degree, I'm letting it go.

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