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Stick with term time job or take new position?

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SpinMill Thu 25-Apr-19 09:57:35

Current job working 5 days a week term time only. Opportunity of a new position working 2.5 days a week all year round. New position is more responsibility and better paid so works out the same salary for fewer hours.
Stuck on what to do, new job would mean arranging holiday childcare wheras at the moment I have holidays off with DC.
Also worried about how easy it would be to book annual leave in school holidays.

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CatToddlerUprising Thu 25-Apr-19 09:59:41

How many annual leave days would you get with the new role?

SpinMill Thu 25-Apr-19 10:20:56

I'm not sure yet, they've said 'generous annual leave entitlement'.

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Bluebell9 Thu 25-Apr-19 10:28:08

How old are your DC?

Ariela Thu 25-Apr-19 10:28:47

Same salary, fewer hours = higher childcare costs to cover the holidays.
= less money for fewer hours than it appears.
How does this actually work out?

SpinMill Thu 25-Apr-19 10:29:41

DC is 8

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SpinMill Thu 25-Apr-19 10:31:56

Ariela that's true, however my childcare costs would be less during term time as I could drop off and collect on non working days.

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Easilyflattered Sat 27-Apr-19 08:05:16

I've recently been in a similar position, and chose to leave the term time only job. My reason was that in five years time I'd still be earning the same with no prospect of advancement, whereas the private sector looked more promising. I have a 7 and 10 year old.

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