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Should I work on my career OR do something far more interesting?

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1wokeuplikethis Wed 24-Apr-19 16:00:47

I’m looking at getting back to work after taking 3 years off to look after my children. I’ve got my CV together and feel ready to start applying.

I’m under no illusions that it will be easy or straightforward. I have very little confidence regarding interviews and definitely come across better on paper.

However, putting that to one side there is 2 very different jobs I am applying for. One is a career move; it’s dull but as I have 30ish years before I retire if I get my head down I could progress and earn a good salary a few years down the line. Potentially a very good salary.

The other job is not well paid and has no progression, that I can see. However, it’s fascinating, perfect hours and would be very fulfilling.

How do you make that decision?

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stressedoutpa Wed 24-Apr-19 18:08:34

Apply for both. Go for both interviews if offered. Go with gut feeling if offered both.

You can't make a wrong choice. It will just be different.

Papayalady Wed 24-Apr-19 18:16:08

I'm not a mum, but I've had to leave my full-time job due to a health issues caused by burnout. As I'm unable to work full-time for a while, I am having to look into new career options.
I'm a bit of a romantic and believe that since we don't get many opportunities to change the course of our lives, we may as well take advantage of an opportunity that pops up. Becoming a mum is one of them smile.
Do you have a second income at home? Can this be a buffer while you explore the more exciting career option? If it involves retraining, it'll take time to qualify and find a job in that field (obvs, I don't know the details). You can always go for interviews in your existing field and see how you feel as things progress. Take the pressure off yourself and take your time making what is a pretty big decision.

VaselineOnToast Wed 24-Apr-19 19:39:54

Apply for both. If you get interviews, see how you feel after them.

1wokeuplikethis Wed 24-Apr-19 22:31:34

I think that’s the best thing to do; apply for both. There’s absolutely nothing saying I will be offered one or either or even get past the application stage and there’s nothing to lose.

Worst case scenario I will have some interview experience perhaps.
My husband is a high earner (ish) enough to support the family for me to not work, but having more money is always nice I suppose. However I’ve spent all of my career so far in boring, frustrating jobs hence the desire for something interesting.

Thanks for the advice smile

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