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Can they do this? Advice please

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Blahblahlalalalala Fri 12-Apr-19 11:31:56

Hi, I’m almost at the end of a career break (6 months) that I took on the end of a full year of maternity and I’m unsure if my work are right in what they are offering me.
It has been very hit and miss with keeping in touch days as the turnover at work is very high (Retail) and they have forgotten appointments and cancelled etc. Before maternity leave I was a full time manager and I have decided that I would only like to return part time and as a customer assistant. I requested as little hours as possible as DP works full time and would be watching DS while I work early mornings.
I requested that I would prefer not to work every Saturday but didn’t mind doing alternate as it’s obviously a retail job. However they have offered me 2 options - every Saturday 8-5 or Wed/thurs/frid and sat 6-10am. When I queried the difference in hours one contract being 8 hours and one being 16 hours. I was told there’s a new vacancy template that the business is following and any new starters will be required to at least 8 hours on a Saturday and if they cannot they have to do at least 16 hours. I asked if all permanent members of staff will have their hours moved to reflect this or if it’s just new and had abit of a non definite response. I’m just questioning whether this is ok to enforce on me as I technically still a permanent member of staff. I can’t work a full Saturday as my DP has to book contractual stand by on them but the 16 hours I think will be too much for him to watch out DS as he does 12 hour days and if he is watching him 6-10am and then has to work a late shift he will be exhausted. Any advice would be great thanks so much!!

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