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Finance assistant interview

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Beansprout30 Sat 23-Mar-19 19:27:31

I have an interview for a finance assistant role and I’ve been told there will be an admin and finance task as part of the interview assessment, they know I’ve not worked in a finance office before but I’m a little worried about my excel skills. Do you think VLookups and pivot tables will be part of the assessment? Or is that not likely to be crucial for this level of work? Many thanks

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Damia Sat 23-Mar-19 19:46:02

I assume you have a job description? Does it mention vlookups? Advanced excel?

Beansprout30 Sat 23-Mar-19 19:52:15

Yes I do but it only says ‘working knowledge’ ...

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mrswarthog Sat 23-Mar-19 19:54:51

It's more likely to be a populating data exercise- so filling in a spreadsheet with info given. However it depends on the JD and salary level.

tiredandgrumpy Sat 23-Mar-19 19:56:12

My gut feel is that these are probably not considered basic knowledge, but if it was me I would try to learn the basics before the assessment if I was worried. Can you find a basic guide online? Then, in an interview you could admit to not having used them in practice, but have learnt the idea. Shows you're willing to learn & flexible.

Runkle Sat 23-Mar-19 19:58:08

I guess it will most likely be a data input exercise so they can check your accuracy. Definitely do your homework, one less thing to stress about!

Beansprout30 Sat 23-Mar-19 20:05:22

Thanks all, I have been trying to get some learning in but I find it tricky to remember when I’m not using it all the time. I’m confident with the basics so hopefully that will be enough

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bowchicawowwow Sat 23-Mar-19 20:09:13

Pivot tables are a favourite one at my work place for interview tasks. As is calculating the depreciation on assets.

Beansprout30 Sat 23-Mar-19 20:17:00

I could manage a depreciation of assets task! Just covered that in my AAT course

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