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vinoblanco1 Mon 18-Mar-19 10:48:45


I was interviewed for a job that I really wanted a few weeks ago. Sadly, I didn't get the job and at the time when she phoned to tell me that I wasn't successful she caught me off- guard as I was in the middle of dealing with my one year old.

She was really positive about my interview and me and promised to let me know of future vacancies.

I had an email from her Friday about a new vacancy, it's almost the same job role as the first one I went for and she's written 'if you have any questions At all, please email me.'

I feel as though she's hinting for me to ask her questions and I want to give myself the best opportunity At getting this one but I'm not sure what to ask to be honest.

Any advice would be welcomed.

Thank you.

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DeadCertain Mon 18-Mar-19 12:38:06

Were you offered specific feedback from the last interview? If not I'd perhaps ask for some, particularly areas to be improved upon.

maxelly Mon 18-Mar-19 12:44:49

That sounds positive, she wouldn't have emailled you if she didn't want you to apply for the job, so it sounds like you have a really good chance of getting it!

The line about if you have any questions sounds just like a polite way of signing off the email to me, rather than her saying you ought to have some questions for her, if you see what I mean? I often use the same line myself and I definitely don't think the worse of people for not replying with questions, it just means they understood whatever it is I was talking about fine without any need for further clarification! grin

So if you don't actually have any questions about the job itself (what are the responsibilities, who are the team, who would you be reporting to etc.), I would have thought the best thing is just to reply politely thanking her for the information and saying you will definitely be applying, rather than thinking up some questions just for the sake of it.

You could possibly ask if there's any chance of more detailed feedback on your last interview, anything she thinks you can improve on etc, but she might feel that's going a bit far and giving you an unfair advantage over other candidates at this point(as she'd basically be telling you how to get the job!), so be prepared for her to say no! Good luck though, sure you'll ace it!

vinoblanco1 Mon 18-Mar-19 13:10:39

Thank you both for your responses.

I was thinking that perhaps I'm over-thinking it because I want it so much and she was just politely ending her email.

I really can't think of anything to ask - I don't know what's approtiate to ask to be honest.

When she phoned me to tell me that I didn't get the position last time she said that 'I couldn't have done anything more and they really liked me.' She said that she knows there will be future opportunities and She seemed hesitant when she referred to the successful candidate and so didn't tell me what it came down to in the end 😬

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Isleepinahedgefund Mon 18-Mar-19 21:07:22

I always end my polite emails like that, I don't really mean I want you to ask questions just that if you have queries you know who to come to. So I don't think she's expecting you to ask questions.

However I would email and maybe arrange a time to chat to her, I think that's a good way to build rapport and up your chances. Maybe start by asking how the job differs from the other one as a starting point.

vinoblanco1 Tue 19-Mar-19 08:27:29

That's a really good idea, I'm going to do that. Thanks so much.

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