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Work from home job ideas??

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Chelsea85 Mon 11-Mar-19 18:48:28

Hi I’ve been a teaching assistant for 15 years and went back part time last year after having my daughter. I’ve had enough of being a TA and looking to do something different ideally something that involves working from home. I’ve had a look on the internet but it’s hard to tell what is or isn’t a scam! Does any one know of any legitimate companies? Many thanks 😃

BackforGood Mon 11-Mar-19 23:53:54

This is asked regularly on MN
The 'wfh' people tend to fall into different groups :

1. People who are employed doing something where their employers are happy to let them wfh for anything from the odd occasion, through 1 day a week, to 'all the time'
2. People who have a specific skill / qualification that means they can 'freelance' or become self employed in anything from translating to editing to book keeping to lots of other jobs I can't think of at the moment grin
3. People who have a 'trade' such as beautician or hairdresser or seamstress or music teaching or tutoring that have 'clients' come to their home
4. People who set up as childminders or pet sitters or dog walkers or cake makers or party caterers
5. People who take in work such as ironing
6. People who do really poorly paid stuff like delivering leaflets (I know you go out of your home, but usually select your own hours and can take you young child with you).... piece work
7. Then there is "trying to sell stuff to your friends and neighbours" type work which I can't imagine makes money for anyone.

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