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Separation Anxiety

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PooleParty Mon 04-Mar-19 15:10:29

Our first born, beautiful baby boy was born last September and I took 5 months off with him. My husband is now on Shared Parental Leave.

I'm struggling with Separation Anxiety and would love any and all advice on how to get over this. I quite simply, cant be away from him. I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with him still being breastfed, although I am hopeful that this is large part of it.

I had a work appointment in the midlands last week and it was 4 hours (each way) of complete and utter torture not having my husband and baby in the car with me.

I'm working from home (very effectively), within near constant ear shot of my darling baby.

I've tried leaving him with my inlaws for a few hours (easy), going out for dinner with my girlies (easy), day out at a conference (hard but ok). I now have some overnight conferences coming up where I'll leave at 6am and back at 9pm the following day... and the mere thought sends my heart fluttering.

Can anyone offer some advice.... please?

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