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RTW after maternity leave

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happydays1983 Mon 04-Mar-19 06:02:10

Just looking for advice on how to deal with situation.
Was 8 months pregnant and was fed up with a system at work and spoke my mind.
Fellow colleague put in a complaint and I was investigated.
Nothing came of it and I was giving a written letter to be put on file.
The whole situation was stressful due to my condition at the time.
I will be returning back to work soon and wondering how I will deal with this person as will not be able to trust her and obviously don't want anymore complaints.
A lot of other people find her difficult to work with too so I'm not alone.

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PooleParty Mon 04-Mar-19 15:01:13

Well clearly this person isn't doing themselves any favours... with any luck, they'll ruffle the wrong persons feathers and it'll come back to bite them.

I'd voice your concerns to HR, making specific reference to how this incident makes/made you "feel"; interjected with a couple of buzz words to emphasis your concerns about this person.

Companies now are under such pressure to support returning mums that there should be a lot of support for you.

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