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Return to work pay

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ImoAsta Thu 28-Feb-19 05:42:13

My maternity leave ended on 10th February and am currently still off, using up the annual leave I have accrued over the past year.
I work for the NHS and after a bit of a battle have returned to work 4 days a week.
My issue is that today is payday, it should have been my first one upon returning, however I have not been paid.

I'll call HR when they open but in the meantime can anyone help or does anyone know why this could have happened?

Thank you!

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Reccy2018 Thu 28-Feb-19 06:14:29

How far in advance was it confirmed the 10th was the end of your mat leave?

mimibunz Thu 28-Feb-19 06:18:18

You might have missed payroll cut off?

gothicsprout Thu 28-Feb-19 06:19:32

Check they’ve actually actioned whatever paperwork needed to get you back on payroll - despite giving 3 months notice of my return date (which was even the date agreed when I went on maternity leave 12 months before) my team/manager were a bit rubbish and forgot to submit a form they needed to complete and I didn’t get paid for my first month back. Payroll did me an emergency payment 2 days later I think.

ImoAsta Thu 28-Feb-19 08:27:27

@Reccy2018 it was confirmed in November 2017, I have a letter from HR to confirm it which states I don't have to do anything unless I wanted to change it.

@mimibunz I'm hoping that this isn't the case.

@gothicsprout I'm also hoping that this hasn't happened, my manager has said he's updated everything so fingers crossed they can pay me. Apparently they do another run of payments on Monday!

Thank you all for your replies. It helped my anxiety!

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Reccy2018 Thu 28-Feb-19 08:45:05

It is likely to be something that hasn't made it's way to the payroll team for whatever reason. If you raise it today, I imagine they'll be able to get you a payment in the next run.

MissDai5y Thu 28-Feb-19 09:12:21

Probably a missed payroll run.

I'm worried this will happen to me too. Due back on 18th, pay day is 27th, payroll deadline is 15th. I notified them in December as they require a minimum of 8 weeks notice.

What's the point in telling them so far in advance if they're not going to process everything related to it?

Can they give you an emergency cheque or get you on an ad hoc payment run?

ImoAsta Thu 28-Feb-19 10:28:17

After some investigating by me and my manager, although he submitted my change in hours from my return date via a form which they received, there's another separate form to confirm the return to work.
So payroll have asked him to just email them so I can get paid Monday in the extra run.

@MissDai5y I agree, plus there's so much paperwork that it all overlaps and seems a bit silly to me.
However, from this experience I say just double check payroll and your manager have all appropriate forms before payday cut off and if there's a problem it can be fixed in a couple of days!

Now my anxiety has lessened but I won't feel properly relieved until Monday! Fingers crossed!

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SyrilSneer Thu 28-Feb-19 10:31:42

My trust doesn’t allow confirmation of actual return to work forms to go in before the employee returns. Otherwise we could end up paying people who didn’t come back. Giving notice isn’t about you getting paid.

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