Women in TRADES - thinking of retraining

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Mariskat86 Wed 20-Feb-19 21:19:58

Hello! I'm hoping the power of Mumsnet can help me out here with some info.

I'm thinking of retraining to become a plumber/gas engineer or electrician to boost my employability and possible earnings. Being a woman, with no experience in the trades what so ever...I'm unsure of where to start, what it will be like, and to be honest a little scared of doing something drastic and then hating it or not getting the results I'm hoping for.

Are there any women on here who work in a trade and can get me some info on how to go about it and what it's like working in such a male dominated field?
If you retrained at a later age, is it doable with kids? Is it easy to get a job after qualification and it's it easy to combine job with kids?

Background info if needed:

I^'m 32 and coming to the end of my maternity leave after having my 2nd.
I'm currently employed in a rubbish job I do not enjoy and pays very little. In fact, I will be losing money when I go back having to pay for childcare for 2 kids.
We've moved a lot over the last 8 years, plus having kids in between, and the fact I don't really have a 'dream job' or huge career ambitions means I've had jobs all over the place ranging from call centre jobs, to cafe management, to office admin and freelance jobs.
It's all a little wishy washy with no real logic to it and I've never really managed to earn more than minimum wage.
I have a Bachelors degree in Events & Leisure management, graduated in 2010^.

Tia, looking forward to your replies!

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