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Alternative employment

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Lala2989 Thu 14-Feb-19 10:54:23

Long story short...
On mat leave, offered and accepted redundancy, due to leave 11th March. Training courses booked and paid for, was going to start my own business, for a better family life. Redundancy possibly being retracted, kind of been left in limbo...

A previous manager (who has just joined a new company) has been in contact, and proposed we meet for coffee to discuss a role he has available, it's a step up from my current role which he trained me for, a job I've always aspired to do... and a nice pay rise. Down side is, it's going to mean full time work, with more travelling (but paid for and probably with a company car!)

Do I take the role whilst the kids are young enough to not remember, in order to experience the role I've always wanted, and build up funds to hopefully get out of rented accommodation and buy our own house? Or do I turn it down and make my own business work and get more time with my young family to see and help them grow?

This role could help me in grow my own business, same job sector, eventually.

Best manager I've ever had, but I'm worried I'll regret missing out on my two babies younger years?! HELP!!!

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