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School Administratior tips

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ImJustMe91 Sun 10-Feb-19 16:48:08

Hi, I recently applied for a School administrator role and I’ve been shortlisted for an interview in just under two weeks time! First part out of the way with 😆.

I’ve never worked within a school before, I am a single parent to a six year old boy. I have spent the last 12 years working in the NHS, starting as a Dental Nurse, moving to NHS Complaints and Patient Experience, I’ve been working as a PA/Team Leader in A&E for a large Trust for the last 18 months. I know I have transferable skills with being first port of call.

I’ll be taking a pay cut and I think they will pick up on this but this is because the school administration role is 32 hours per week which will enable me to be felixable to meet the needs of the service for example staying late for parents evenings and school plays, I also feel that the working hours would make a healthy work/home life balance.

I understand I will be asked questions on confidentiality, safeguarding this is already part of my working day.

Can anyone advise me on SIMS as I’ve never used this before and assume it’s the database that holds the confidential information on pupils?

There will also be a short test, any suggestions on what kind of things they may ask me to do?

Any advise on questions they may ask me?

And the one that I feel I’m not good at is......any examples of questions that I could ask them at the end?


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SpinMill Fri 15-Feb-19 20:34:20

Well done on getting to the interview stage.
You're right that there will be questions on safeguarding.

Yes, SIMs is a database of pupils' information, used to take the register etc. I'd never used it until my current role but was given training and picked it up quickly.

The task could be creating a spreadsheet, for example to record reply slips received for a school trip, writing a letter to be sent to parents, creating a newsletter, an in tray exercise to prioritise tasks.

One thing I wasn't prepared for was being put in a classroom for an hour, I assume this was to observe how I interacted with staff and pupils.

As for questions they might ask, in my experience it's usually competency based, e.g. tell me a time when you have.....used your initiative, worked as part of a team, demonstrated excellent communication skills.
What would you do if.....a parent was angry, a pupil was upset.
What do you anticipate to be the most challenging part of the role?
What do you think a typical day will involve?

You could ask them how they measure performance/what their appraisal system involves? What you could expect as part of the induction process? How many pupils do they have on roll/how many do they have capacity for?

SummerintoAutumn Thu 21-Feb-19 21:41:59

Sims can be picked up really quickly.
It stores personal info, medical info, attendance details.
Reports can be produced to monitor attendance etc.
Teaching staff use it to take the register and produce school reports.

I was asked about safeguarding, professional boundaries, dealing with angry parents.

SummerintoAutumn Thu 21-Feb-19 21:42:45

Test likely to be writing a letter and ordering a list of tasks.

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