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New job part time teacher stressed

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user1483719818 Tue 05-Feb-19 21:49:23

Hi all

I've recently started a new part time job as a teacher. It's a new school to me after being off with my son. I've had some handover days with the old teacher but to be honest it was mainly observing her teach with a few chats about timetable etc... today was my first day teaching and not was t stressful. I'm only in 2 days a week and spent all not ing trying to resource while jobshare kept changing their advice on what to do. Ended up in a flap and lesson was awful. I've come home crying and missed most of my eve with my little one. Any advice about how to manage the emotional toll of a new job with a baby at home?Or how to manage a jobshare when yu feel out of control?

BackforGood Wed 06-Feb-19 00:34:09

I'm a bit confused.
Why was your jobshare there with you ?

I'm not sure what you mean by this - and spent all not ing trying to resource ?

When you start a new job, it is to be expected you'll have a bit more work to do, and you won't really get to spend all your evenings with your dc - I mean, that is part of teaching even once you are established, but anyone starting any new job will need to put in a bit extra until they find their feet.
Re the jobshare - you need to 'separate out' as much as you can from what the other person does, so you aren't reliant on having to 'handover' each week - so if you teach the Geography, you teach all the Geography so that is one less thing to have to liaise over, and for you to have control over.
I'd have thought the easiest thing to begin with is to carry on with the split the previous person you took over from was doing, and then, once you've gained your confidence a bit, seek to make changes if you can offer a way of things working better.

user1483719818 Wed 06-Feb-19 02:10:40

Hi thanks for replying. I meant spent all morning (silly auticorrect). I expected to spend time working but it was awful to be so upset by lack of clarity and support that I didn't make the most of seeing him when I did. I hope I just get more used to it and that settles down.

The jobshare was there as she covers in a different class on Tuesdays. In terms of separating workload, I've tried to make this happen in foundation subjects but in core I've been told we need to avoid separation e.g.i do all grammar and she does all writing etc... I just feel swamped with unclear information given to me just before I teach and not much time to resource. I have only ever been full time before so am used to having time and control over everything. Advice about how to use that time more efficiently or "react" to handover would be greatfully appreciated.

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