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Tax credits when partners moving in

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xcxcsophiexcxc Tue 05-Feb-19 11:50:04

Hello, sorry if not the right forum.
I have one child who is currently 2 who is not my partners.
My partner is currently in the marines and lives/based three hours away but next year he will be leaving his job and moving in with me.
However I'm quite worried about my tax credits.currently My take home pay and childcare are practically equal, i dont even know why I bother working tbh apart from trying to set a good example for my son. My tax credits make up for most of what i loose paying for childcare.
My fear is I won't be entitled to tax credits that pay for my son's childcare, and thus it would be completely redundant for me to go to work. My partner is not financially responsible for my son yet I worry that if he moves in it will be up to him to either pay for half his childcare because I loose out or have to quit and then he has to pay all the bills. I'm not sure what he'll get paid when he leaves the marines but currently he's on around 21k so it's not a massive household income.
Has anyone experienced this ?

Bumblebee39 Tue 05-Feb-19 12:55:26

Unfortunately if he joins the household it will change things
You both need to consider whether this is something you are ready for

Lazypuppy Tue 05-Feb-19 16:32:23

If he is moving in he should be expexting to start financially contributing to the family.

You have to explain what koney you would lose by him moving him

Bishalisha Tue 05-Feb-19 16:37:11

Please do not allow your partner to move in and either
1) quit your job
2) not expect him to make up the shortfall

Both options are ridiculous. When will your son be entitled to his 30 hours funding (assuming you work 16 hours a week minimum) as this will impact your childcare bill

Kemer2018 Tue 05-Feb-19 16:38:49

I wouldn't have him moving in until your child is older.
You will lose money and who's to say he'd have desire or commitment to make up the shortfall?
Say you give up work, then he leaves you?
It's all the more precarious because he's not the father.
Also, his 21k isn't really enough to cover your shortfall. If you work, there will be a shortfall. If you quit, same.
Unless you ask him to pay your rent/mortgage unless covered by ups.
But that comes with its own issues.

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