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Stopping breastfeeding to go back to work, ouch!

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AbyesShovel Sun 03-Feb-19 17:59:43

I apologise if this thread fits better somewhere else I couldn’t find a specific place that seemed to work!
So I’ve transitioned my boy onto bottles now, he is nearly 9 months old and I’ve had to do so for going back to work. It’s horrendously emotional and I feel like a total nervous wreck about it all! I cut down quite slowly over weeks one feeding at a time and then as I got down to only breastfeeding morning and at bedtime he lasted two days and decided a bottle was just easier (plus I’m not entirely sure there was enough in the tank to satisfy him at that point).
Today is day two of all bottles, my breasts themselves don’t feel engorged or have any lumps they feel a bit swollen but nothing major. My nipples however the areola area are very swollen and visibly lumpy and OUCH shooting pains when anything touches them. I’ve had no leakage whatsoever (was never much of a leaker) I’ve been changing my pads in the interest of hygiene but they’re as dry as when I put them on. I’m reluctant to try hand expressing because of the state they are in, I’m wondering if anyone can give me any advice or reassurance, should I speak to my doctor?
I couldn’t tell you if I’ve been having any of the flu like symptoms of mastitis and what have you because I have fibromyalgia and I’m having a mega flare up so I feel absolutely rotten anyway 😅

jessstan2 Wed 06-Feb-19 08:15:56

Oh bless you, I do hope you feel better soon. Your breasts will settle down and get back to normal soon (if not, visit your GP). Nothing wrong with stopping breastfeeding after a few months and you did it gradually and very sensibly imo.

I hope you enjoy being back at work and your fibromyalgia flare up flares down. Once you are happy with your childcare arrangements and your job, you'll feel much better generally.

All the very best to you flowers.

Biancadelriosback Wed 06-Feb-19 08:22:35

I'm not sure of the cause but my mam told be to use a cold cabbage leaf to sooth the pain and it worked.

AbyesShovel Thu 07-Feb-19 15:34:45

Yeah it got worse and I was worried about that 🤣 I think it’ll start feeling better soon, just totally popped and had a sprinkler competition in the shower 😳 I’ve started back on some meds for my fibro and they are helping a bit so it’s all onwards and upwards thank you for your kind words and advice 😁

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