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Back to work..

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alwayssunnyinsouthhampton Thu 31-Jan-19 17:10:28

I have had to NC as this could be very outing.

Late last year I had to hand in my notice due to the fact that a colleague found it "funny" to put a metal knife under boiling hot water then place it on the back of my arm.
My boss was not at all fussed so took it further and was told the investigation would happen after the Christmas period (as basically money comes first) so I was signed off.
I have been looking for other jobs but I'm never entirely sure whether or not to admit the truth to why I left my job which I had been in for nearly a decade or just use the usual "I fancied a change."
I know I am not to blame for the incident but can't help wonder what future employers would think.
Thanks for the help

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