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Home care in house training induction

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Mum2corynryley Thu 31-Jan-19 15:00:53

Finally going back to work after having my kids been for a job interview to do home care, interview was successful and was offered the job now I have to attend an in house induction could any one shine a light to what maybe expect at the training induction. I have googled and can't find anything. Thanks

kennelmaid Thu 31-Jan-19 15:24:04

I did home care for a few months. It was a two or three day induction training course, some theory, some practical. I remember learnng how to use slings and hoists, change a catheter bag, give and record medications, complete the visit log, watching a film about dementia with a short quiz at the end of each topic to check our understanding of what we'd learned. If you stayed in the job less than six months you had to pay back the cost of the training, £145.

Mum2corynryley Thu 31-Jan-19 16:02:04

Thanks kennelmaid it's just the induction information I received from the company was like I was going to do the full care certificate in four days 🤔 which I have read everywhere that it takes roughly 12wks to complete that so I'm lost lol

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