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returning to work - making the money work

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AnnaBud Tue 29-Jan-19 15:23:08

Hey Mums,
I am having my second baby (yay). Both my husband and I work full time in quite busy jobs. We have a sizeable mortgage. I had a pretty time tough with a different company I was at when I was returning to work the first time, so I am very keep to return to work early to avoid the disaster of last time.
More than that, when mat pay drops down to £145 a week, I am struggling to see how we are going to make the money work for the outgoings with two kids, bills and a London sized mortgage.
I am concerned that if I spend 6 months at home alone with the kids I would struggle with depression and jeopardise my career.
My husband is willing to split parental leave but then we still have the financial issue.
If we both work part time after initial three months (which would be my perfect balance!), we would actually be losing maternity pay and effectively still only getting one salary, so it doesnt work out that well financially!
Has anyone had any clever solutions to continue working part time but without the financial penalty?

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