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Single mum back to work and baby already sick!

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TwinkleMerrick Mon 28-Jan-19 22:51:03

First day back at work and it looks like my DD is sick! She has a slight temp, stuffy nose and won't settle unless in my arms. Looks like no sleep for me tonight. Luckily I'm off tomorrow, so will stock up on calpol and other medication. So how do other single parents cope with a sick child and lack of sleep at work? Any tips? Or just want to share your sick kid stories...all welcome x p.s I secretly love the extra cuddles even if she is a poorly baby

INeedNewShoes Mon 28-Jan-19 22:57:19

Oh dear. I'm just going to say brace yourself for the next few months.

I'm a single mum too, but self employed, which in some respects makes it easier (I can take time off to look after DD) and in some harder (no sick pay when I'm ill).

Since starting nursery in October DD has had 3 colds, a chest infection, hand foot & mouth, norovirus, bronchiolitis and flu. And she's kindly passed most of these onto me. Apparently this is relatively normal although we're at the unlucky end of the scale!

I hope you have a good support network and an understanding employer. It is tricky being single at times like this!

TwinkleMerrick Mon 28-Jan-19 23:14:34

@INeedNewShoes thanks for the heads up, luckily I'm a teacher so I have a good immune system built up over the years.....but if I get hand, foot and mouth I'll be off for 2 weeks! Oh well it's got to happen sooner or later I guess, head down and coffee machine on! Defo going to stock up on medication and sanitiser in preparation. Fingers crossed she gets all the illnesses during school holidays hmm

Baby is currently sleeping on me, she won't even lie down next to me in my bed.....looks like an all nighter confused

Pantsomime Mon 28-Jan-19 23:17:57

Cook double, freeze one, spare ill things nearby and stocked up, comfy chair ready so you can sleep/doze upright, comfortably if DC on your knee, good luck

TwinkleMerrick Mon 28-Jan-19 23:23:10

@Pantsomime fantastic advice and thanks for reminding me I have some frozen meals i can dig out tomoz. Currently propped up with pillows holding buba thinking about attempting a snooze.....I have bed guards so all safe xx

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