Supporting Parents into work.... what help is needed?

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ElBelle Wed 16-Jan-19 16:59:37

Hi All,

My company are working to develop a project that supports parents (with at least one child aged 6months - 7 years) into work.

My question is.... what support do you think is most useful for parents looking to enter or re-enter work who have childcare responsibilities?

What can organisations and projects do that would help most?

Usually support includes CV’s, interview prep, work placements/ work experience but what else would be useful?

Have any of you come accross projects or help that was invaluable?

Similarly, if you are in work but would want to earn more (thinking about in-work poverty) what could an organisation do (if your employer is not supportive with training and development)

Interested to hear any thoughts, ideas or experiences.

Thanks in advance x

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colditz Wed 16-Jan-19 17:05:56

Non-office hours childcare

Some people have to work shifts to make ends meet. There's no childcare available that you can apply for help with. So ideally, childcare that is outside of the typical 8-6 schedule.

Secondly, you have to accept that the people struggling the most to find work are single parents seeking menial work because they aren't qualified to do anything else. They don't get employed because 18 year olds are much, much cheaper, rarely less reliable (due to child sickness) and just as capable of working a till or loading a dishwasher. Yes, of course employers aren't allowed to ask if you have kids, but they do anyway. Most people applying for menial work don't know their employment rights - knowing your employment rights is very offputting to employers.

So there needs to be something in it for the employer. There needs to be a reason to employ a parent as opposed to a cheaper, similarly competent teenager. Until you can sell us to employers, they won't buy.

ElBelle Wed 16-Jan-19 21:54:18

Thank you for your reply.

We do work closely with employers to do exactly as you say.... but definitely more that can be done.

Part of our work is also to continue to also support parents when working so they can develop new skills and move up or into new opportunities when the time is right.

Childcare is such a difficult area and definitely the most challenging barrier, but better out of hours options is a great suggestion and something I’ll look into.

Thank you again

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