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Feeling guilty

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SophieLouise93 Mon 14-Jan-19 15:23:46

Hi guys, I am needing to go back to work and I am looking at full time mon-fri, I have a 19 month old, she's 2 in June but I can't help feeling guilty about putting her in childcare Monday to friday

Anyone else struggled with this?
Got any advice?

iddybiddymum Wed 16-Jan-19 18:06:04

I completely understand. I'm
About to go through the same thing but my LO will be 1 year. At least you got to have 19 months with them.

Can family help 1 of the days to make it a little easier ?

SophieLouise93 Fri 18-Jan-19 10:16:36

Eugh it's so hard! And no all my family live in Manchester (I live in bradford) and all my partners family work lol

MammaBell Mon 21-Jan-19 12:54:18

Hey, I'm exactly the same right now. In fact we're heading to nursery this afternoon for my girl's first settling in session. She's 10 months and will be in nursery full time for 4 days. Anyone I speak to raises an eyebrow when I tell them she'll be in for 4 days but unfortunately it's my only option. I'd love to be able to be a stay at home mum but financially it's not possible. I've managed to agree with my work to allow me to reduce my week from 5 days down to 4, but they are against reducing it any more than my husband is against it too because of money. Sadly I don't have an extended mum, gran, or cousins. My aunt is in Canada and my sister is younger than me, she works full time. My dad, bless him, tried to help but even he works full time so can't commit to taking care of her while I work. So it is what it is. I just hate the thought of not seeing her little face as much anymore. I just love seeing her light up when I feed her, and her little laugh when we play together, and her excitement when I take her to groups and classes. I'm utterly gutted. I'm focussing on planning to make the most of our Friday's together on my day off (and the weekends) and that me working helps ensure we keep a nice home for our family. They all tell me that it's the mother who suffers, not the child lol. If she will be happy in nursery, then I think I can get over it.

vintagemoo Mon 28-Jan-19 11:57:41

I went through the same when my daughter was 1. She howled at every drop off for the first month, and I felt AWFUL. Not least because she was in 5 days a week - 8am to 6pm.

Now, three months in, she absolutely loves it! She runs into the room each morning smiling and clapping and doesn't look back. When I pick her up she looks so happy playing with the others - some of the babies can shout her name! And they all 'chat' to each other. I think it's wonderful, and the time we share at weekends is much more special. There is no way she would get as good a level of interaction/activity/care from me at home all week.

I hope this reassuring. I think in a couple of months you'll see what I mean x

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