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Applying for jobs while on maternity

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Firesidetreats1 Fri 11-Jan-19 09:04:28

Does anyone have any experience of not returning to there current job and applying for new jobs while on maternity? If so how have you found it?

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carly2803 Sun 20-Jan-19 17:40:19

I havent yet but will be doing shortly. I havent resigned yet but my boss is well aware i wont be returning the hours are rediculous and impossible with a baby!

WaxMyBalls Mon 21-Jan-19 11:12:01

I did it and it was fine. Just applied for jobs and told them the date I was available. Got offered two, didn't get offered several others, no idea whether my maternity leave status was relevant. Gave notice to my current employer in the usual manner.

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