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Tips on relaxing 're care work

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Elpeelo Wed 09-Jan-19 12:53:05

I have recently started a job doing care work, they're a great company and I do calls visiting clients etc etc, this is my first week and I don't know if it's a combo of having no experience in this field or being back at work after 10 months but I am so so anxious and nervous. I have the potential to do well but being new and the points above, I just go blank and fluster a bit. Is this normal? How do I stop it?! Help!

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User111222333 Mon 14-Jan-19 14:09:52

Hi @Elpeelo

Could you try reading some self-help books? Try on Amazon typing in anything about anxiety and managing it.

Also 'impostor syndrome'. It sounds like you're doing really well but it's all so new. Imagine yourself still doing this in 2 or 3 years - it will all seem quite easy - but it's a lot of change in a short space of time and that can throw your brain into all sorts of panic modes!

Bottom line: brains don't like change. They want you stay safe. Ha! Just keep telling yourself you're doing a great job and that it will get easier.

Also try the Calm app and the Headspace app on your phone. They are supposed to be very good.

Good luck. xx

CuriousMama Tue 15-Jan-19 17:48:05

Good advice there from user.

I work in care as a support worker. There's a lot to take in so be kind to yourself. Nice slow breaths. It will get easier. Good luck smile

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