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Question for Marketers

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Loz90333 Wed 09-Jan-19 10:39:28

I'm due to graduate in June having studied digital marketing. Ideally I would like a role which would give me experience in PPC/SEO and would preferably like a career in digital.

I'm really keen to work in a role which has progression (I don't want to be stuck on £20/25k for the next 10 years!). I just want to be successful in a career in marketing, I'm ambitious and hard working.

I just wondered if you were to start a career in marketing is there any industries that you would recommend?

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DevaDiva Thu 10-Jan-19 22:46:34

My advice would be to choose a niche sector that you have expertise in and/or something that you have a real interest and passion for.

I've always worked for brands I believe in with a great product/proposition and ethos. I've been a multi-channel marketer for 18 years, specialising in B2C across the retail, hospitality, tourism and finance sectors so have worked with a diverse mix of brands.

I've always worked client side but you should also consider agencies as many roles, particularly with larger/multi site businesses require a similar skill set to an account exec/manager.

Good luck!

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