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The indecision is KILLING me..

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flowergirl24 Fri 04-Jan-19 19:32:45

Please help me out. I’m stuck thinking about my future. I have two little ones- aged 3 and 7 months.

Before having children, I was a secondary teacher and used to really love my job (although the hours were very long and workload frankly huge!) but I chose not to go back after maternity leave with my first. I’ve been a SAHM now for 3 and a half years. I love looking after my children at home but my issue is this. If I stay out of the job market for much longer, will I manage to get a decent job? I would possibly like to have a third child, but I’m concerned about the impact of taking more time off work.

I feel so anxious about this decision. If I applied this year, my youngest would be 15 months if I started in September. I have no idea whether a part time job would be possible. I don’t have family help nearby at all, but my husband is self employed so he does have some flexibility. It’s come to the point where I am in paralysis about moving forward and making a decision. I think I’d feel a lot happier if I knew which path to take.

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flowergirl24 Fri 04-Jan-19 21:24:20


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chilledteacher Fri 04-Jan-19 21:28:35

IMO the work load has increased in the past 3 years. Where about are you? My Local Authority run return to teaching courses to help teachers in your position get back to work when they are ready - upskilling etc. What about something like HLTA? Less workload but still direct contact with the kids

schopenhauer Fri 04-Jan-19 21:37:03

Why don’t you try supply to see how you feel? Or just apply and see what happens.

summerlovingliz Fri 04-Jan-19 21:41:54

If you can afford to stay at home with your babies ( part time secondary teacher here) mine are off school age now but it's hard work getting them to and from school, relying on help and tricky when they are poorly. Not to mention the demands/stress if the job

flowergirl24 Sat 05-Jan-19 14:42:07

Thanks for replies. Unfortunately supply is not an option as I can’t just leave the children at the drop of a hat. I don’t have flexible childcare so I would have to go for it going back to work or not if that makes sense.

chilledteacher I’m in the Midlands but used to teach private.

I’ve been doing exam marking all this time so still in touch a bit.

I’d love to hear from other secondary teachers with small children to hear how it works (or doesn’t!)

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