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Has anyone got a degree in mental health nursing (or any other degree) and not used it?

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Welshcakes0 Thu 03-Jan-19 15:49:57

Im almost finished studying a mental health nursing degree and I am not wanting to work as a mental health nurse when I finish. For many reasons, shifts (single parent with no childcare), working in mental health impacts on my own mental health, the responsibility, and the need to be in a job that makes me feel happy.
I have absolutely no confidence in myself and I don't think that is good for such a role. I know confidence comes with time and experience but I can assure you it's worse than ever. I thought it would get better but it hasn't. I now suffer with anxiety and I am even struggling to go back next week to finish my management placement of 12 weeks as they're going to expect so much from me. I'm not excited to qualify. I'm not excited about the potential job opportunities (as there are none that I would enjoy). The thought of not going back makes me feel happy but I have nothing else and a mortgage to pay. I wish i had never started this degree as the pressures to finish it is so high and my mental health has never suffered so bad as now. I wish it would all just go away sad

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DeadCertain Sun 06-Jan-19 16:25:16

A friend of mine went straight into the Police after we had finished our nursing degrees. There are lots of transferable skills from studying for a degree of any subject that you can use in other jobs; perhaps take a look at what graduate schemes are out there in industries that excite you?

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