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Does it count?

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Curlyheadedcutie Thu 27-Dec-18 15:16:46

Good Afternoon smile
I'm just getting myself a little bit confused.
I've had approximate say 80 days or more off work recently, due to a miscarriage, depression and anxiety, then getting pregnant and falling and bleeding, then more depression.
So online it says you have had to work for a company for 26 weeks to qualify for maternity pay, but do I have to take off the days that I've been off on the sick ??
Just abit confused ? I've been working with this company since February.

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AssassinatedBeauty Thu 27-Dec-18 15:54:20

It's how long you've been employed, not how many days you've actually been in working. So you don't have to take the sick days off, in my non-expert opinion. Hopefully someone with specific knowledge of this will be along shortly to confirm or deny that!

JACKrimmer14 Sun 06-Jan-19 09:07:20

On my 1st written warning due to sickness was told if i had anymore time of within a set time id get another.I had a fall at work 1week after warning can i get another written warning as it was an injury at work

BevFromLPHR Fri 11-Jan-19 16:35:47

Hi, It's 26 weeks continuous service, i.e. how long you've been employed. Whilst off sick you are still an employee so it's calculated from your start date with the company.

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