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Help with interview!!

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Needadoughnut Wed 12-Dec-18 12:29:05

I have the most important job interview tomorrow!! I used to be a project manager for one of the biggest .com's out there. The job in question is for an account manager for a niche IT marketing agency. I have no experience in marketing but I think as far as I understand it, irrelevant.

I've done my research and they hire people from tangential backgrounds (other account manager was a programme / project manager for Cisco systems). The jr account manager is a an information manager graduate (so no previous experience ). Third account manager was a marketing coordinator for a niche maritime company....

Here's the most important bit! I've already met the person who's interviewing me (who happens to be the owner). The agency is right across from where I used to live and went to have an informal chat, I know I fit in and most importantly that she likes me.

I'm still very anxious about it as I want this job more than any other job before.

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Justgivemeasoddingname Sun 16-Dec-18 23:53:39

Did you get the job? I got my job on friday!!

Needadoughnut Mon 17-Dec-18 06:36:32

I don't know yet. They tell me today. Everything was great until she told me "its tough we had excellent candidates you being one of them" she however still.profeeded to show me around and jump like a happy bunny. Body language was extremely confusing

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Justgivemeasoddingname Mon 17-Dec-18 17:14:45

Ooooh.....any joy? Hope so!

Needadoughnut Mon 17-Dec-18 17:20:30

Nothing yet! Which is nothing like her. My money is on second best... First choice is being difficult thus they haven't discarded me yet so to speak

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