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Sensitive person - career choices

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rockandfeather Sat 08-Dec-18 18:44:20

To add I would like to mention the coaching is not obligatory, you can take the survey anonymously if you like

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rockandfeather Sat 08-Dec-18 18:42:51

Hey! I'm conducting a survey to help to understand some of the challenges facing an empathic or sensitive person who wants to either change career, start a business or return to work after having a baby. This person generally wants to pursue more purpose in life through their vocation.

If you feel you might fit this description, I would love for you to take a few moments to complete it.

In return as a gesture of goodwill I am offering and optional free 30 minutes coaching consultation.

I am looking for someone who is empathic or sensitive, who has a big value around connection either to source, nature, animals or tuning into yourself through yoga/meditation or similar.

You are currently not very happy in your life but aren't sure why. You have a steady job/career but it's not very fulfilling or it starting out fulfilling and isn't anymore.

You would love to do something more rewarding but just don't think you are cut out for it or don't know where to start.

You are interested in self development but never seem to be able to get to a place of happiness, but are still curious how to achieve it.

You take lots of courses, read books and join groups around these subjects.

You wish the world was a much better place, you are very frustrated that it isn't.

Politics and negative news leaves you feeling powerless, yet you don't know how to make changes to improve the world yourself.

You dream of having a meaningful career or business that 'puts something back' or gives you more freedom and money.

You know you are a good person deep down but because life gets in the way, people just don't see it.

If this feels or sounds like you in anyway, please pop over to this link and answer a few quick questions. It would be much appreciated.

Please share in any groups or friends you feel might benefit.

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