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Returning to work after having a child

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MummyAndSon17 Sat 08-Dec-18 10:39:34

Hi all
I'm a single parent and my ds is going to be 2 in a few months time. I've not put him in nursery yet because I wanted to wait until he's fully potty trained before I send him somewhere. But he's going to start potty training soon so nows the time I start thinking about work. But I need a job with flexible hours and days. Ideally I'd like to work the days he's at nursery and the hours he's there for. But I know that in terms of employers that's a lot to ask. I was thinking about opening up my own business from home but have no idea what I'd sell and where I'd start. Some advice would be much appreciated. I don't want to work in a school because I have in the past and have found it to be an environment where they're all gossiping, and I don't want that around me

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BackforGood Sat 08-Dec-18 16:25:14

I can't help but feel you are looking at this all back to front.
Normally, you get the job, and then find the childcare to match the hours you work.
If you are thinking of being self employed, it is because you have a 'skill' that you can sell.
Things that people do self employed for their own hours tend to be hairdressing / nail technician / other beauty treatments / some tutoring / private therapies (such as physio or SaLT) / or freelance work in things like editing or publishing. However, they all need skills, training and qualifications.
Ironing, pet walking, cleaning are other things that people sometimes do as a 'work a few hours from home' sort of job, but you aren't going to make a great deal - sort of depends how much you need to make. These tend to be 'supplement the family income' roles rather than 'be the breadwinner' roles. There are always jobs available in care too, but I guess most of them would need you to accept work at times that wouldn't work well for a single parent.

caffauk Tue 11-Dec-18 19:19:14

Hi, i shared this in another thread but you might find it useful

Rednaxela Wed 12-Dec-18 04:33:29

A basic office job which offers flexitime would do it. So the council or HMRC. Some charities offer it too.

Your biggest issue is going to be making up time when DC is ill. That's where flexitime is useful. A short commute or a short distance between workplace and nursery will be a priority as well.

You will need back up childcare for times when DC is too ill for nursery but you are unable to get enough time away from work. E.g. the odd morning or afternoon, or a short day, which would allow you to put in some or all of a full work day. Do you have friends you could do swaps with? Or family nearby?

Financially you may find that working 3 days a week offers the maximum return on investment. It all depends on what your earning are, there is little point going beyond your tax free allowance. Don't fall into the trap of taking a job and then finding out you're spending more on childcare than you're earning! Use an online tax calculator and the online benefits estimator to double check exactly what the finances will look like.

Good luck!

MummyAndSon17 Wed 12-Dec-18 10:51:47

Thank you!
It's so stressful because I do want to get back into work when my son's at nursery. But trying to find that balance of spending enough time with my son and earning a living is difficult, and exactly like how you said making sure my outgoings is less then my incoming. I'll definitely look up some office or receptionist jobs!

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