Re-training for something completely different after being SAHM

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curlyLJ Tue 27-Nov-18 19:52:15

Have also posted in chat. i am at a bit of impasse at the moment because my indecision of what to do means I am doing nothing! My youngest has started school and I want to get back into some sort of flexible work but the thought of just getting a p/t admin job doesn't really appeal. I had a good, well-paid managerial job before I quit to be a SAHM, but now I want to do something different, something where I can either set up on my own or work quite flexibly...

I really like the idea of being a health/nutrition coach type thing, but is that being done to death? there are a lot of online resources for that sort of thing and I think a lot of my efforts will involve setting up/promoting myself.
I have toyed with the idea of doing a course in massage (sports massage), becoming a personal trainer, working in nutrition (which is my real passion) although unless I get a degree/do a 3 yr diploma I can't register with BANT or CNHC, so may prove worthless? and various other options.

Has anyone sucessfully re-trained and what did you do? I feel like I am going around in circles. Thanks for reading.

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