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Keeping In Touch Days

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Jessiejuju Sun 25-Nov-18 16:27:03

So I am on maternity allowance as I did not qualify for smp. I have yet to use my KIT days and am just wondering how you use them. I will be going back to fork mid march to beginning of april so would like to use them during February and the beginning of march. Do I just need to tell work that these are my kit days or do I have to contact the maternity allowance people.

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Polkadotdelight Sun 25-Nov-18 16:29:37

I arranged it directly with my manager. I have to say after the nervousness of leaving DS for my first one I really enjoyed them as I didn't have to do the full day!

dementedpixie Sun 25-Nov-18 16:32:53

You don't even need to use them but if you do it's between you and your employer to decide when they can be used

Jessiejuju Sun 25-Nov-18 17:07:44

so I don't need to let the maternity allowance people know?

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dementedpixie Sun 25-Nov-18 17:10:06

I don't see why they would need to know as it doesn't affect your maternity pay

Shazafied Sun 25-Nov-18 17:12:56

At my work you get paid for them on your first payslip when you get back, so not during mat leave. So it doesn’t affect anything. You definitely don’t need to notify HMRC

dementedpixie Sun 25-Nov-18 17:16:35 according to this they should not have delayed the payment for the KIT days

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