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Should I tell recruitment agencies that I am on maternity leave?

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MeadowHay Tue 20-Nov-18 17:35:04

I'm on mat leave atm and not due to go back for awhile yet, but I am planning to start looking for better jobs in the new year. I am not planning on telling any potential employers up front that I am on mat leave as I am concerned it may be detrimental to my application even though I know I would be a good candidate for a wide range of jobs (toot toot). I got my current job through a recruitment agent however and I am definitely going to approach them, and other ones, when I start looking as I had a very good experience last time. However, should I tell them that I am on maternity leave, or just not mention it to them either?

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MeadowHay Fri 23-Nov-18 08:27:44


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DianaT1969 Fri 23-Nov-18 08:30:54

Don't you have to go back to your current employer for a while? Or, are you only receiving state maternity benefit?

MeadowHay Fri 23-Nov-18 13:14:53

Nope, I only get SMP.

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DianaT1969 Fri 23-Nov-18 14:33:44

Do you have to give long notice? Not sure what the issue is tbh. You can apply for jobs now and accept any - for any start date. Stop claiming SMP when you start work. I don't see how being on maternity leave is an issue, or would come up in an interview.

SeaLionsOnMyShirt Fri 23-Nov-18 14:36:27

Agencies are going to ask you why you left your last job, and what you have been doing for the past year, so I don't see why you wouldn't say that you are on ML.

MeadowHay Sat 24-Nov-18 09:25:13

4 weeks notice period but I could potentially take annual leave for it all, don't think my company would be impressed either way if I didn't return, or only returned for a short period, I think they would let me do that, theyve let other people take annual leave for their whole notice period before.

But I haven't left my last job. I'm still in continuous employment with them, so what I've been doing, from a legal perspective, is working there. It's pretty obvious surely why I'm nervous about being up-front about being on mat leave? Motherhood penalty etc.

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m0therofdragons Sun 25-Nov-18 14:02:07

How much longer will you be on mat leave? You could say "start date/available from x date"

If it's 6 months off then unless you have high level specific skills then I doubt an employer would wait, 3 months is more normal as it's often a notice period people have to give (in my field anyway)

MeadowHay Sun 25-Nov-18 17:27:06

I'm due back mid-March. I thought I'd start contacting recruiters/applying for jobs in the new year because I know through experience/friends' experience it can easily take 3 months for interviews, DBS checks, referencing etc before you can actually start a job.

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astoundedgoat Sun 25-Nov-18 17:37:39

It you are still employed at your current Co. Then just say that.

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