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A job for convenience

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Orangeblossom1976 Tue 20-Nov-18 09:08:36

been out of work for a few years and now, my children are older and a part time job has come up very close to home. It would work out well with timings, early start and finish around school pick up time. Quite like the idea of DH doing the mornings rush and dropping children off as would have to start early, and could walk there. It's only 3 days a week and on a rota, he is self employed so would be do-able. I think would prefer this to the rushing around of trying to ir something into school hours.

But it's minimum wage, but would be relatively stress free and less responsibility than what i am qualified in. I quite fancy it but unsure. Maybe have lost confidence a bit. DH is keen for me to work. Any thoughts? anyone similar?

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MaybeDoctor Tue 20-Nov-18 09:11:39

I think you should give it a try - what is there to lose?
It doesn't have to be forever.

Tawdrylocalbrouhaha Tue 20-Nov-18 09:17:18

Sounds like a good way to ease back into work and test how well your husband pulls his weight with the children. Has he undertaken to get them up and out on your work mornings? If he wants you working that is something he needs to undertake.

lpchill Tue 20-Nov-18 09:39:49

Sounds like a good way to get back to work. I just went back to work part time 9 hours a week with the help of DH and my mum. I will be reducing it to 6 hours a week after Xmas as it fits in better with our family. I'm really enjoying it. Our toddler is loving the time she gets with just Daddy and Nanny and I have some relative grown up time (im a youth worker working with teenagers)

Orangeblossom1976 Tue 20-Nov-18 10:09:33

I've mentioned to him about the early start and he's need to deal with the mornings and how I do it when he goes in early and that I could put out the PE bags and get packed lunch ready to help. It will be a change though as I usually make them breakfast and him coffee as he gets ready. (but be good for him). The school run this morning was a real faff with my youngest (who is much better for dad but fusses with me at times) so to be honest it might be a relief to have a break from that after years of it. What is to lose? have been on cont based ESA for illness which would be stopping, but wages would be more anyway. Just confidence I need.

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