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I want to go back to work

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miz92emzie Sun 18-Nov-18 07:54:30

embarrassingly i caught ringworm of my fellas daughter, i've been off work for nearly 8 weeks. doctors said i can go to work with the ringworm, but work saying i cant hence so much time off i have asked if i can back a few time before this occasion but was told the ringworm had to be fully cleared. its now cleared but my boss wont reply back to me if i can go back to work. i need to go back as me and my partner as struggling financially and deeply worried that we wont be able to buy anything for his daughter for xmas as we have her this year (for xmas)

any advice would be greatly appreciated, i am looking for another job and have applied for some in case ive lost my on illegally but not having much look with that either.

thank you smile

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Maursh Sun 18-Nov-18 10:44:49

Is there something about the nature of your job that you cannot work with ringworm (eg working with immunosuppresent people)

How long have you been working for them and are you a permanent employee or zero hours? How do they know you have ring worm? If permy, I would have thought that they would need to pay you for your time off if they are insisting you take it, despite doctor recommendation.

Can you claim statutory sick pay?

miz92emzie Wed 21-Nov-18 07:52:17

im suppose to be training as a dental nurse and receptionist haven't been working there that long, i noticed the mark on the back of my wrist on the friday, boss saw it asked what it was i just said a rash of some sort she had a look and didnt know what it could be. got it check via a pharmacist as it got worse.. they recommended going to my gp as they believe it could be ringworm, went to docts confirmed it was ringworm got treatment and the all clear to work and a text from my boss saying she believes i can still work but to go to the docs to check. but got sent home on the tues and havent been aloud back in since. now my messages and calls are being ignored (fella thinks i caught it from work-but i think i doesn't want to admit that his daughter had it)

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m0therofdragons Sun 25-Nov-18 14:09:50

Is his daughter being treated? Otherwise what's the point in you being treated?

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