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Big leap nerves

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jacobsgirl Thu 15-Nov-18 00:28:45

Okay so basically I've worked doing the same mundane (simple) job for 3 years as a receptionist
It pays okay but only enough to scrape by and it's a job share so I'm not full time.
I have just been offered an amazing opportunity for much more money and a full time position elsewhere with lots of benefits.
I aceepted the job and handed in my notice today.
However now I'm suddenly dreading going to this new job and I'm scared I'll be really bad at it as it's the first job I'll have had where I need to go through serious training and it's mostly performance based (they can dismiss you if you don't perform well in training )

This is all becoming very real and I can't afford to be dismissed from a job as I have a DC etc.

Am I being silly? I'm looking for reassurance as I can't sleep with all these worries going through my head and now I feel there's no going back confused

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Biscusting Thu 15-Nov-18 18:33:05

Definitely go for it! What would be the option otherwise? Scrape by in a “simple” job.
The nerves are to be expected, you can do it!

Best of luck

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