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Me coming back will ruin everything!!

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DashOfMagic Thu 08-Nov-18 21:10:08

Hi all,

I work in a small team in a small company and I am in the highest position. I’m about to go off on adoption leave (start of January) and when I do my deputy will act up in my position and our admin will increase to full time. Im really worried when I return my deputy will feel dissatisfied in his old role and our assistant will be dissatisfied with lesser hours.

But I’m not sure what to do about it? I am confident they’ll do a wonderful job but once I’m back there is not really any justification for pay rises, adding extra hrs or additional senior positions to recognise this or continue their development.

Any advice is really welcomed. I’m close to my team and feel I’ve done a good job getting us to where we are, I’m apprehensive about the shift in dynamics.

Also on a personal level I’m finding my own emotions tricky with worrying everyone will think it’s better without me, and deputy has started stepping up with ideas and wanting to do lots of things in my role which makes sense but it’s making me think he thinks I’m not doing the handover/job well enough. I really want to be supportive of them not let worry/jealousy affect how I respond to ideas.

I have planned a meeting to talk to both of them to go through plans for the handover period (we have already done quite a lot but can be definite now adoption dates are all confirmed) and would like to address what the deputy would like from handover period and what they both would like/envisage when I return.

Any thoughts??

Thank you x

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