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JSA / Housing questions

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oceanpowa Thu 08-Nov-18 13:46:58

I'm 27 and live with my mum and sister in a London council house. My mum has severe paranoid schizophrenia and my sister just gave birth to her first child.

I'm currently on JSA (just before universal credit was available in my area) and looks like I will be starting work in mid-November. I'm fortunate enough to move in with my friend for a month, rent-free, when I start work. 1) The work is closer to where they live and 2) it's time for me to move out.

I have some questions... If you can help at all...

- Will I receive JSA payments before receiving my first pay check?
- Will the Job Centre pay for my travel when I start working?
- Will my mum and sister be secure living in their London council house when I officially tell the council I'm moving? I don't want them to be forced to move
- Is there other financial help for me? As I have no savings and JSA runs out so quickly after travel and food is purchased

Any advice and answers would be greatly appreciated.


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