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New job, holidays entitlement

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inmyshoos Sat 27-Oct-18 15:18:59

I've been put of work whilst being a sahm for 10 years so I'm out of touch with stuff!

I've just got a new job. Perfect part time hours around dc (no childcare avail)
So I work 3 days 4 hours per day.

Holiday entitlement is 35 days pro rata including public hols.
Does that sound about right?

I'm entitled to 12 days per year, which I assume is 12 full days not 12 4 hour days.

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mintyfresh00 Sat 27-Oct-18 15:20:35

I think you'll find it's 12 of your normal shifts ie. 12 4 hour days

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sat 27-Oct-18 15:24:25

Yes why would it be 12 full days when you only work 4 hours?

AutumnGirl78 Sat 27-Oct-18 15:26:01

It's 12x 4 hour days.

35 inc public holidays is exactly what we get at my company

WoodBurnerBabe Sat 27-Oct-18 15:29:14

That’s a really generous holiday allowance :-).

If you are working 3 days a week, you get 3/5 of the allowance, so you should get 21 of your days, so 21 x 4 hour shifts. The 12 may be because you’ve started halfway through a leave year? And they may have already deducted the ones that fall on a bank holiday.

Thundercracker Sat 27-Oct-18 15:29:45

12 days isn't 60% of 35 - have they got confused? Or are you term time only?

Northumberlandlass Sat 27-Oct-18 15:36:37

Based on number of days of the week you work that is 4 weeks holiday though.... when do they start their ‘holiday year’? Is it plus bank holidays?

inmyshoos Sat 27-Oct-18 15:39:18

Assumed 12 full days because 35 days is like 7 weeks of full time work and if I had 12 days of 4 hour days then that would only be 4 weeks?
I asked a payroll friend and they agreed it was 12 full days, so as woodburnerbabe says it would be 21 4 hour days.

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LightastheBreeze Sat 27-Oct-18 15:39:30

I think it is 12 full days as you work about a third of a full week and the holiday looks about a third of the total holiday for full time ish, it looks about right, how long is a normal working week

strongandlong Sat 27-Oct-18 15:40:07

If their standard week is 35 hours, then 12 full days is right.

35 * 3/4 = 21 shifts

21*4/35 = 12 full days.

Letsgetreadytorumba Sat 27-Oct-18 15:40:52

There’s a government calculator you can use to work it out bAsed on hours. I’ll just find it.

Letsgetreadytorumba Sat 27-Oct-18 15:42:25

67 hours and 12 minutes for a full year.

Thundercracker Sat 27-Oct-18 15:59:26

But giving it to you as 12 full days is pointless as you don't work full days. Each of your days is only 4 hours so you should have it as 21 of your days, being paid at your usually daily salary (ie 4 hours worth). You are entitled to that number of days off - they can't just give you 12 days and pay you regular "full pay" for them!

Thundercracker Sat 27-Oct-18 16:08:15

(That calculator only works out statutory minimum btw, that's why it is less, because it is working out the equivalent of the minimum 5.6 weeks per year including public holidays. You are entitled to more under your contract - as said above, 35 inc bank holidays is generous for many employers!)

Letsgetreadytorumba Sat 27-Oct-18 16:11:38

Oh of course, I forgot about that. There’s an option to add in the extra but I can’t remember where. Sorry, that was less helpful than intended.

inmyshoos Sat 27-Oct-18 16:17:24

Thanks guys.
I'm sure they will work it out to 21 of my days! If you calculate it unto hours it's more obvious.

To those who asked why is get 12 full days if I only work 4 hour days, why would I only get 12 of my days off and full time workers get 35 of their days?

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inmyshoos Sat 27-Oct-18 16:18:10

Argh typos sorry on phone!!

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AornisHades Sat 27-Oct-18 16:27:20

Do the calculations in hours rather than days.
And take your leave as hours. So to have a day off you use 4 hours.

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