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Gut wrenching heartache..... back to work in a few days

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Annabel43 Wed 24-Oct-18 21:32:23

After three years off I’m back to work. I can’t handle it. I’m heartbroken. Can’t stop crying. Dont want to leave my children. I’m going back because I need some support away from my husband. Both money and friendship. I’m so angry with my husband. Way too much to write here.... I just hope there’s someone reading this who can tell me it’ll be ok. I’ll survive and this gut wrenching heartache doesn’t last forever....

They’ll be at a nursery they know and love. I’ll be working full time.

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Cakeandeatingit Fri 26-Oct-18 17:36:42

I’ve been there. I’m about to do it again - partly for same reasons as you. Is it a job you will enjoy doing? The thing I found odd was how OK I felt after I went back both times. This time I’m sort of dreading it and feeling burnt out before I’ve even begun and very sad - though mine are now both at school.

Annabel43 Sun 28-Oct-18 14:41:23

Thank you for replying. It’s so reassuring to hear you’ve done it twice and survived. I am all over the place today. I can do anything other than cry and argue with my husband which is upsetting our children. Which has left me feeling even more guilty and selfish. Ugh. This is the worst heartache I’ve felt. How are you feeling? X

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Handsoffmysweets Sun 28-Oct-18 14:42:55

Why are you angry with your husband OP? Hugs for you, it sounds like your heart is breaking over this x

Mummyneedshelp86 Wed 31-Oct-18 23:06:51

I’ve done it once and it was ok. Don’t get me wrong I felt guilty all the time but it soon becomes routine.
I cried for months before I went back to work and am doing the same again and I’m not due back until June next year.
Why are you arguing with your husband? Men just don’t get it. Mine always says well you have to go back we need the money.

notdaddycool Fri 02-Nov-18 07:37:15

Any chance husband can do drop offs. The way our hours are I do mornings and my wife evenings. I’m too heartless to care about dropping them, she gets them going mummy mummy mummy- they’re a bit older but love nursery.

Jaymee812 Mon 05-Nov-18 12:10:34

How are you and how has it been? I return after Christmas and the thought of it is killing me. Im not ready and I don't think i ever will be I'm so in two minds with what to do. I hope its worked out and you are feeling better now xx

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